How to get a huge pile of gorgeous frameable prints for 5$

My tastes are ever changing, and I frequently rearrange the framed items on the walls. I also like to have a large variety of different styles and colours to choose from when I’m changing things up. Add to that the fact that I’m cheap as dirt, and, well… this was a problem I needed to solve.

I went to Chapters and saw Over and Over: A Catalogue of Hand Drawn Patterns by Mike Perry and it was just 5$. Inside I found page after page of GORGEOUS, unique, and incredibly varied designs, all just waiting to be put on display. And 5 dollars?! I would be hard pressed to find ONE nice print for 5$, let alone about 50. So I bought my book and then took out my exacto knife…


I felt a bit bad for destroying the book, there is something deeply uncomfortable about taking a book apart, but the end result is truly phenominal. I have a huge folio of all sorts of prints to frame, now, and already I have put up about 15 of them in various locations around my house. Because the book featured numerous different artists I have a whack of different styles to pull from. Some are quirky while others are classic, some are very abstract while others are incredibly detailed and specific, some are richly coloured but others are more subdued. It just worked out SO WELL.

And again, just 5$.

Moving forward, whenever I get a hankering to change up the look of things or just want to add more prints to my folio of frameable pages I am absolutely going to be heading to the books. Art books, as it turns out, are a genius way to get cheap art for your house.


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