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Don’t insult the hair

Manager to the guy in the cube beside me: So Alan, can you come work on this other project for a few months? [in a stage whisper] Unfortunately you’ll have to work with Lesley again.

Alan: [also stage whispering] Oh man, well, that would be pretty awful. I don’t know.

My hair really does look good today. Plus, new lipstick! (NYX Indie Flick!)

[they both look over at me. I am oblivious.]

Manager: … does she have her headphones on? Lesley?

Me: Huh?

Manager: You’re missing the jokes and teasing!

Me: Dude, I am deaf to insults and teasing at this point. Unless you insult my hair. Insult my hair and trust me I’ll be paying attention.

Manager: Your hair actually looks quite nice today.

Me: I know. I’m amazing. [goes back to work]


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