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Lipstick Obsession

So,… red lipstick. I only started wearing lipstick about a year ago. Sure, I owned a couple tubes of super bland “natural” colours that I occasionally wore when I went out to a bar or something, but even then I was more likely to swipe on the Blistex and call it done. Now, though, I’m all about the lipstick. The switch happened when I accepted a new job. I decided since I was an unknown there that it was the perfect time to redefine myself and establish a new personal style. My best friend suggested red lipstick, not because she wears it herself but because she thought it would suit me.

She was correct.

This was my first attempt at wearing red lipstick. This is where it all began… (NXY Perfect Red)

I started wearing every day red lipstick when I started my new job. At first I felt weird about it, worried that I wasn’t pulling it off and that I looked stupid. I had to sort of force myself to put it on, do a bit of a “be brave!” self pep talk every day, but before long the red lip felt very natural. Now I feel a bit naked without lipstick. Well, maybe not naked, but definitely unfinished.

Because it is me, and because I get obsessive about things, I have since amassed a moderately large collection of lipsticks. Most of them are bold bright reds since that is the colour I wear most often, but since summer hit I have found the red lipstick a bit harder to match with my outfits, so I have added some hot pinks and corals to my collection.


Lipstick is funny. I mean, I went from being uncomfortable wearing it to now feeling weird without it. I do still own a couple natural/nude shades because sometimes it is fun to shake it up, but in general if I’m not wearing red I’m wearing a bright pink. I’ve been lucky so far because pretty much every shade I have purchased has looked good on me (or so I feel). I don’t do well with more purple-y shades I have found, though I do have a couple that edge towards that blue undertone that still work. I actually seem to be able to wear both red undertones and yellow undertones, though the warmer shades do seem to suit me better. I actually own a couple shades that are damned near orange and absolutely love them. And yet one of my favourite pinks (Milani Fruit Punch) is on the more blue side of things but looks really good. Weird.


So after a year of lipsticks I have come to the following conclusions:

  1. Lipstick is super fun to wear, but it isn’t for everyone. It does take effort to make sure you aren’t smearing it all over your face, especially if you are a face-toucher.
  2. For me, matte lipsticks are better than shiny/glossy ones.
  3. It is really easy to justify purchasing a new lipstick, hence my ever growing collection.
  4. Straws are your best friend.
  5. If you wear red lipstick other people seem to think one of two things: That you’re a hussy, or that you are super put together.
  6. NYX and Milani are flipping great brands and oh so affordable. BIG fan.

2 thoughts on “Lipstick Obsession”

  1. Hahaha! I totally agree with your ‘conclusions’. Red lippy is the best hands down, I feel so confident when I wear it and I do agree matte lipsticks are much better! You look very pretty!

    Hope to chat soon, I look forward to reading your future posts!


    Kate xxx


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