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The Nook is finally done, for real this time

My 2$ decorating solution!

The Nook is done. I feel totally happy with it now and am declaring it a finished room. The main outstanding thing had been the wall above the loveseat. It really needed SOMETHING, and I had been thinking a large mirror, but there is something odd about having a mirror that faces directly out a window opposite it. Then yesterday, while my husband was duitifully cleaning out our garage, I saw these old dollar store plastic screen things I had purchased maybe 8 years ago, back when I was single…


They are just the thing to break up the wall, add a bit of visual interest, but still keep the impact of the indigo walls. They cost 2$ back in the day when I bought them, so to say this was an inexpensive solution would be an understatement. Seriously, the dollar store can be a solid place for decorating if you are choosy and creative.

The other thing I did was reorganize the plants. The nook gets a TON of sunlight and is a perfect spot to have lots of plants and a sort of lush feel about it. I got a bunch of plants from my parents who arguably had too many and were appreciative of the opportunity to offload some of them. So with those plants, the few very sad plants we had in the old out, and the tall money tree my husband bought to go in the corner (20$!! Thank you Costco!!), we had a good collection to fill that room with. I repotted a bunch of them, dividing the ones that had long since outgrown their pots, and moved some about, and the finished room is pretty wonderful.

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