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Successful first “week”

I have set up WW so that Friday is my weigh in day. That is how I always used to have it, and it always worked well. It gave me a weekend motivation (either to keep up the awesome work, or to do better this coming week), and it reset my weeklies in case I had anything special planned for the weekend that would take extra points. So even though I just started back up on WW on monday, this week is now done, and the results are in…

Capture6lbs down since Monday!

It is actually really interesting to have weighed myself every morning and seeing the steady drop. I am fully aware that most/all of this was water weight, but at the moment I’m not caring so much about that. Right now I am choosing to focus on the major decrease in my weight, and a steady daily decrease at that. Take the victories where I can get them. I know that every week moving forward is not going to look like this, but man.. what a great way to start. Feeling good.

This morning when I walked into the kitchen my husband looked at me and said I was looking really good. I told him that I was down 6lbs and he congratulated me and then added that it was definitely noticeable. I think he is right. Water weight or not, my gut was enormous and I was looking/feeling pregnant. I swear my stomach was sticking out farther than my breasts. Today, though, I am feeling much less puffy and much more “flat”. My stomach no longer protrudes, so now my torso is closer to a P shape than a D shape. PROGRESS!

You know what’s great? Having a husband who never makes me feel like his love or attraction to me is dependent upon my weight, but still masterfully supports and encourages my efforts to lose weight. He encourages me and supports me and congratulates me because he knows it is important to me and he is happy I am seeing successes at something I’m working hard at. I imagine it is a difficult balance to strike, and not everyone would be able to do it, but he really has. So thankful for that. So thankful for him!

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