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Redeco: Rubix Cube Bedroom

rubix_cube.jpgPrior to the move, in order to get my kid on board, I asked him what sort of room he wanted to have. He sort of shrugged so I suggested that maybe I could make it a Minecraft themed room, which got him pretty excited. The Minecraft Bedroom became the main talking point from then on out for how the new house is going to be sooooooooooooooooooooo awesome.

Fast forward five months, his four year obsession with Minecraft seems to have suddenly waned. He at first said that, no, he still wanted a Minecraft bedroom, but last weekend he finally conceeded that yes, he isn’t as into Minecraft anymore and maybe something else would be better.

Enter Rubik’s Cubes.

Rubik’s cubes have become a major obsession for him as of late, and he’s getting really good. I can mess it up all I like and he will be able to solve for one side in less than 10 seconds, and he is working on solving the whole thing. He has a number of different cubes as well (a 2×2, a couple 3×3, a 2×4, and he has a 4×4 ordered). So yeah… Rubik’s Cubes are the way to go here.

But what the hell do I do! It was so easy when I was going to do minecraft, I was just going to do the little squares to make grass blocks, maybe some cobble stone, paint in a creeper or something. No problem. Toss on a red bedspread with a red pillow and we’re good. But now… I just don’t know. I mean, sure, there are wall decals, but that feels really lame….. I just really want to make this super special for him.

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