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Nook Update: It is fabulous

20160618_081308.jpgThe Nook now has furniture and hot damn, it is a wonderful space. It is funny how sometimes things just work, and this room works. Every morning Jonathan sits in there to drink his morning coffee and I join him, and most evenings we sit there before we go to bed and just relax. The dark blue paint was truly a brilliant choice and has really helped to make this one of our favourite rooms in the house. The love seat is directly in front of the giant window and overlooks the front lawn and our big 30 foot flagpole, which was as planned. Jonathan loves to just sit and watch the flag blow. 🙂 As for the table, I don’t know if we’re going to use it much, but it is there for now. It looks pretty cute if nothing else.

This is the view out of the window. Gorgeous!

And the furniture all cost exactly zero dollars:

  • Love seat was given to us by my aunt and uncle. It is kind of dated but solid and extremely comfortable. I was going to slip cover it but the upholstery has actually sort of grown on me.
  • the white cabinet was previously red and served as the tv stand in the old house. We called it “Big Red”, but now he is white. I still call it “Big Red” despite the change in colour.
  • the table is my old dining room table from my single days
  • the chairs are the two extra chairs from our dining room
  • the plants were given to me by my parents who had too many and just wanted to offload some plants
  • the lamps used to be in the living room in the old house

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