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Brutal hunger out of nowhere!

I normally do intermittent fasting (IF) when doing keto and have an easy time about it. Fat coffee for breakfast and then nothing until suppertime. Bam. No problem. It’s great. Frankly, the fact that keto seems to have dulled my hunger is a huge selling point.

15645296-man_i_am_straving__i__m____by_narukokun-d49yqjy.jpgWell, the past 2 days I have been hungrier than I can even understand. I haven’t changed my eating at all, no new foods coming in to play. Yesterday I had my fat coffee as per usual but was FAMISHED by 10am. I had to eat, so I went to Wendy’s and got a bunless burger. Still, by dinner time I was again absolutely starving. I ate my supper of my husband’s special BBQ pork ribs (without sugary BBQ sauce, don’t worry) but it barely even put a dent in it, so I made myself a taco salad. FINALLY I felt satisfied.

Woke up this morning starving again. Had my fat coffee and that took the edge off but frankly it barely put a dent in it. I figured I’d be pro-active so I brought some havarti to snack on at work throughout the day if the hunger got crazy again. It is 9:30am and I just ate all the havarti….

Why the hell am I so flipping hungry!?! I’m getting in all my water, I’m good for my electrolytes, and I’m not eating at some crazy deficit. If anything I should be eating at more of a deficit. I generally can tell the difference between “brain hunger” and “body hunger”, and this feels fully body driven rather than food/craving triggered. The only thing that has changed is that last week I started attending a strength training class at the gym (twice a week), but I don’t think that would be enough to change my body and my hunger levels this much.

Fingers crossed this is a passing thing.

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