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Pretty dinner chairs

House prettification is progressing. I haven’t done a huge amount in terms of painting lately, aside from my office. Buh-bye, neon yellow. Hello, dark grey! Looks wonderful and serene and cosy. I have a lot more to say about my office but I’m saving that for another post.

We have invited Jonathan’s parents down for a visit this coming weekend and Jonathan had the idea that since his parents were going to be there, and since it was father’s day weekend, why not also invite my parents up that saturday for an “All Fathers Father’s Day Dinner”. I, being brilliant and hilarious, made up a funny invitation email that I sent to our parents, and they all accepted (of course).


So there is going to be seven for dinner, but oh no! We only have 4 dinner table chairs, one of which has recently been broken by a certain rung-standing 9 year old.

Not anymore!

I went on kijiji and found an ad for 4 solid wood dinner chairs for 60$. The upholstery fabric on them was hideous but they seemed good otherwise. I ultimately got them for 50$, and got 15$ worth of fabric. I took the seats off each chair, took off the disgusting old fabric, attached my new fabric, and reattached the seats. End result is wonderful, frankly.

13434733_10157025090935603_3061027552406781859_n (1).jpg

So now we finally have enough dinner chairs, for the low price of 65$. Well worth it.

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