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Round 1 failure but still optimistic

CaptureI failed the first round of the diet bet. I am disappointed but not surprised. During the move I wasn’t too fussed about carbs, and frankly I was extremely active with the unpacking, moving, and painting, so I figured (hoped) it would all come out in the wash. And actually mid month I was on track to hit the goal. But I wasn’t being smart about liquor in terms of calories, its effects on ketosis, and the inevitable water retention and bloating it causes. My wedding rings were extremely tight and uncomfortable for a few days there, and of course they were the days just before the weigh in for the first round. Actually weighed in as the exact same weight as when I started my diet bet the first time I stepped on the scale. The second and third times I stood on it it showed 266.6lbs. So I lost 2.6lbs in the month of May.

I’m still optimistic, though… I’m at least losing. I know that is a bit of loser talk, but at the same time, any loss is better than nothing, and it is certainly better than the steady upward climb I was seeing.



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