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Remains to be done post move

13307230_10156978908775603_604461251319764885_n.jpgWe had our very first invited over dinner guest last night! Mr. Steve Even came over and we had a lovely visit and hang out on our back deck. He was extremely happy to be the first official dinner guest, and frankly it was really nice having a visit with him and just having a relaxed evening. And yes, the new house has proven itself much better for entertaining than the old house ever was, as we knew it would be.

And holy hell, how beautiful the view is off our deck.

That house victory aside, there still remains a LOT to do to get this house finished up and organized.

  • Move our bed to the basement guestroom (our new bed is arriving friday!)
  • Unpacking the rest of the boxes (of which there are many)
  • organizing where the eff things are going to go in my ginormous house
    • blankets/linens are proving complicated
    • we have a lot of board games, but I can’t come up with a good place to keep them all so that they are accessible
  • Moving stuff from the garage into the basement storage area, organizing that whole unfinished basement area.
  • Move remaining stuff from our storage locker to the house
  • Organizing my walk in closet
    • I think what needs to be done is that EVERYTHING be taken out of it and all the shelves be taken out and it be started totally from scratch, putting up the closet organizer in a way that makes the most sense for my stuff
      • Having everything out presents the opportunity to paint the inside of the closet. Unsure if that is a good idea or whether it is even worth the time and effort.
    • Big long white dresser (currently in my office) should be moved in to my walk in, assuming there is room (and I think there is)
  • Electrical work
    • Installing dimmer switch(es)
      • J’s theatre room
      • My tub switch
      • replace broken one in kitchen
    • Replacing light fixtures
      • I have already replaced 1. I have 3 remaining  that need changing – front entryway light, and the two lights in the stairwell to basement. Fixtures already purchased.
  • Painting rooms
    • Guest room
    • Office
    • Laundry room
    • stairway to basement
    • Master bedroom
    • Master bathroom
    • Noah’s bathroom
    • rest of basement (bathroom, hallway, kitchen)
    • Noah’s bedroom (Deferred until August due to the fact that it is a super special fancy Minecraft room and is going to take a ton of work, I want to get everything else done first.)
  • DIY projects:
    • Creating curtain walls to define guest room
      • Plan is to use wire and flat bedsheets for simplicity and low cost reasons
    • Furniture alteration
      • I want to cut down the head board and food board for my day bed to make them the same height (currently headboard is taller than footboard) and a little lower (ie. Closer to couch arm height). Will need to re-drill holes for mounting rails as well. Should be a fairly quick and easy project since we have a jigsaw and power drill.
    • Painting furniture
      • My day bed
      • Living room end tables
      • Big Red
      • Grammie’s old dresser (in guest room)

Will I ever be done? Current signs point to no. But thankfully Tiff is coming up this weekend to help me get as much of this crap done as possible. She is an absolute ninja when it comes to organizing and unpacking and seems to genuinely enjoy doing it, so her help will be hugely appreciated.

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