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Super simple dress success

Sunday I took a break from unpacking and painting and decided to play around in my sewing room. You know.. because I have a sewing room now.

This dress was the end result!13308202_10156976664410603_8415474443722113402_o.jpg

I got the skirt fabric for super cheap at Fabricville – it was a “buy one get 2 free” thing – and the top was just left over material from my pencil skirts I made earlier this year. All in, this dress cost me maybe 6$, which is just ridiculous. It was incredibly easy to make too. I just made a fairly snug tube top type thing out of the yellow and sewed the blue skirt material into a tube as well. No measuring, I just used all the fabric I had. I attached the blue skirt material to it the tube by sort of tacking it around the edge and then stretching the tube to the size of the blue skirt material. The end result is a pretty simple gathered edge, which is fine but… bleh. Not so flattering. The tube top, though, is long enough that I can fold it down over to make a better defined waist and top area.

Frankly, I’m really digging this dress. Considering it was just an experiement and me playing around I think it worked out really really well. It is comfortable and summery and kind of fun. I don’t think it looks blatantly homemade. Sure, if you look closely you’ll see my hem isn’t super straight or even, but it isn’t suuuuuuuuuuuuuper obvious. And even if it is, who cares. I like it.


Honestly, I have no idea why more people don’t play with fabric and making their own clothes. Just experiement! Play around! Try it out, make adjustment, see what works and what doesn’t. If this dress hadn’t worked out I would be out only 6$, but I guarantee I would have learned a lot about what does and doesn’t work, so the next time I tried to make a dress I would have more chance of success. And since so much of plus size clothing is outrageously overpriced, dowdy, and ugly, I feel like I have no choice but to make my own clothes if I want something a little more interesting and fashionable that doesn’t break the bank.


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