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Redeco: The Nook


We have a small room in between the kitchen and the front entry way -I think technically it is intended to be a dining room, as indicated by the fairly low hanging lighting fixture (that looks incredibly odd and ugly in the brown room). The high vaulted ceilings and enormous window give the room a very open feel despite its small size. The previous owner clearly didn’t have a need for a formal dining room, nor do we, so our plan is to use it as a bit of a sitting room, a place to go and have a quiet moment with a glass of wine. I also expect this is where we’ll set up the Christmas tree. I planned right from the beginning to paint this room a dark colour to create a cozy space and well defined space with a bit more drama and grown-up feel, so I used the darkest colour in my main paint colour trio: Indigo Batik. The dark colour felt like a bit of a risk since it is so dark and intense but I am really glad I took the risk.

2016 - before and after - nook.png

I think the before/after picture says it all. Same room, same light fixture. Only change is getting rid of the country kitsch stuff and changing the paint colour. What a huge transformation! The Indigo Batik paint makes the room feel defined and dramatic, while still weirdly relaxing, and it has made the white vaulted ceiling take center stage, emphasizing the height of the room. I have managed to make a tiny room feel hugely cozy.

I’m still not terribly in love with the light fixture, but it looks a lot less awkward and fussy than it did when the room was brown. I had been considering replacing it, but I think I’ll just raise it a bit and leave it at that for now. There isn’t much in the way of furniture in the room. I’m getting a second-hand loveseat from one of my aunts that currently is destined for the nook. It needs a repair to one of the seats and a slip cover, both of which are well within my abilities. It will also need a bookshelf of some variety, but I really want the room to stay relatively uncluttered and simple.

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