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Paint paint paintity paint

Move went well, all things considered. Our movers (Premiere Van Lines) was very efficient, careful, and friendly. For people being paid by the hour, these guys did NOT dilly dally. Man alive, they worked fast! So they got everything loaded in and moved over to our new house in no time.

Welcome home to us!!

Then began my current personal hell.

Don’t get me wrong, I love my new house. I truly do. It is wonderful and comfortable and beautiful. It truly is my dream home. My problems, however, are two fold.

1. There is so much space and we have so much stuff that I feel utterly overwhelmed trying to put it all away and find a home for it all. (And for the record, I am aware that is the most first worldy of all first world problems.) 


Every room in this house was a horrible brown colour, yellow, or beige. To me, colours like that always look dirty and garish and dated. It didn’t help that when we first saw the house it was full to the brim of country kitsch stuff, which is… not my style. (I’m trying to be kind and diplomatic. Some people really love that… stuff… but I do not.) So I had trouble seeing the browns without also imagining all the raffia wrapped stars and painted wooden signs and rag dolls, etc. Long story short, the brown had to go.

Jonathan and I prefer cooler colour palates, blues and greys in particular. When deciding on a colour palate for the new house I sort of copped out and took 3 shades of the same colour to use in most of the spaces:

 6239 Sherwin Williams Upward

SW 6239

  •  livingroom
  • 3 walls in the master bedroom
  • ensuite bathroom
 6241 Sherwin Williams Aleutian

SW 6241

  •  front entryway
  • hallway
  • stairwell to basement
 7602 Sherwin Williams Indigo Batik

SW 7602

  •  den/nook
  • accent wall in master bedroom
  • toilet room in ensuite bathroom
  • smaller hallway between my office and Noah’s bedroom

For what its worth, I went with Sherwin Williams for no reason other than there was a sale, but over all I’m pretty happy with the product. In the past I have gone with whatever paint was the least expensive and ended up with some pretty iffy paint that took a lot of coats to look nice. This stuff has gone on really nicely and takes just two coats to be perfect. And my brilliant (albeit cheat-y, lazy) idea of using the same colour in different shades has worked out splendidly. It has pretty much guaranteed there is a very natural flow between the different rooms. Every room has a different colour and is clearly its own defined space, but still feels very much part of the over all house aesthetic. It really works.

So begins my quest to make the new house fabulously ours. 🙂

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