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Mother’s day

Ah mother’s day. The day where I thanky mom for giving birth to me and for putting up with all my nonsense. My mom is pretty awesome in all honesty and I like to think I take after her at least a little. My ability to sew and make things is definitely from her. She’s so damned creative and skilled, it is crazy.

I also have a pretty great mother in law. You know all the “horrible mother in law” stereotypes? Yeah, she matches none of them. She’s lovely and gracious and about as kind a person as you could imagine.

And finally, my role as a mother… This is my fifth mother’s day with Noah in my life and my thankfulness is unending. That kid… What a great kid. It is so wonderful to have him get excited about mothers day for me. I had orders to “not look or else” while he made me a mother’s day gift, which was am “upgraded” version of the purse he made me last year,complete with phone and lipstick and wallet. So awesome. We’re going to have mother’s day tacos for supper too! Woo!


So happy mother’s day to all.

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