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Just two weeks away!

13173687_10156878978845603_4502427935289765906_n.jpgThis is starting to get super exciting. But also outstandingly annoying.


Super exciting because living in the new house is sure to be a huge improvement and awesome in all the ways. Actually having counter space will be… just, incredible. My home office/sanctuary (as yet unnamed, but requiring a proper name) will be life altering. Jonathan’s movie theatre is going to be shockingly brilliant and wonderful. Noah having more space and his own bathroom will be fantastic.

…and of course my giant soaker tub. That’ll be pretty okay too.


20160502_185048.jpgBut like I said, the move is also outstandingly annoying because holy mother effing crap, our house right now is in such a flipping horrible state, I don’t even have the words. We didn’t have room for things when they were carefully Tetris’d into every drawer, nook, closet, cupboard, and space we could find. Now that everything is being un-Tetris’s and put in to boxes our space has gone from “barely any” to “I CAN’T MOOOOOOOOOVE”. I hate it. Jonathan hates it. Noah hates it. We all hate the current house because of the boxes and the mess and the chaos. Plus, because we’re idiots, we decided to purchase some of the things we know we need in the new house . Big things. Like Jonathan’s huge 100 inch screen for his movie theatre. And my second monitor/tv for my office/sanctuary. We’ve actually made it so that we have even MORE things that need to move.


This is all a necessary evil and the pay off should be well worth it. We just need to get there.

Two weeks from today and the house will be ours. Two weeks from tomorrow is moving day.

Two weeks… we can make it two more weeks…


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