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Moving update: 18 days until the move!

Our house selling happened hella fast. Almost 4 weeks to the day from when it was listed our house was sold and our new house was purchased. Crazy, right? But man alive, is it ever exciting. Our new house is perfect. It keeps all the best parts of our current house but allows for all sorts of added new awesomeness, like Noah having his own private bathroom, us having our own private ensuite bathroom, Jonathan having his dream home theatre room, and I get my own office/knitting room/sanctuary.

CaptureSo here it is, the new house. Crappy picture since I snagged it from google earth (also why the garage looks all janked) but trust me, the house is spectacular.

Only thing to solve is the interior. The current owner painted every single room this horrid brown colour, and the rooms that aren’t brown are neon yellow. I have a LOT of work to do to get things changed to match our style, every room has to get painted, but that is a pretty minor issue. And I like painting, though I may change my tune after having to paint so many rooms.

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