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Well, we’re moving

So, I’m insane. Why? Well, because I/we have decided to sell our house and move. This actually was a very major confusing decision because there are a lot of reasons why we shouldn’t move but also a lot of reasons why we should.

In defence of staying where we are:

  1. This house is really charming and cute.
  2. Very cheap to heat in the winter and cool in the summer
  3. very small mortgage with very small mortgage payments. Living here allows us to pay off debt quickly, as well as giving us the security knowing that we could afford this house on one paycheque if need be.
  4. this is the house that Noah has grown up in. Lots of memories,etc.
  5. the small size basically forces us to exist together as a family, rather than everyone off in their own room, hardly interacting.


In defense of moving:

  1. No guest room
  2. no home office, which is a big problem since I work from home fairly regularly
  3. because the house is so small it forces every room to be shared family space, every inch has multiple uses.
  4. Zero storage space, impossible to keep organized and tidy because there is no place to put things.
  5. Impossible to have any private quiet space when I need it. And that is something I need.
  6. no space for Noah to have any privacy which he will really want as he gets older.


The big game changer/decision maker is that our financial reality has changed over the past year in very significant ways. I make a lot more money with my new job, and Jonathan too got a pay bump as well. So we can afford to move to a bigger, more comfortable home. We aren’t looking for a McMansion or some ridiculously huge house just for show, just because we can. According to the bank we can “afford” a 600k mortgage and that is just crazy and frankly wrong. Thankfully we aren’t naive enough to believe that nonsense. Honest to god, no wonder so many people are teetering on the edge of bankruptcy.


anyway, we have decided to do it. The house has been listed for about three weeks and had a fair amount of interest so far. And the big deal is that yesterday we found the perfect house for us. It is hard to explain, but it feels like how our house should be. Or maybe I should say that it feels like our house only better. It keeps the same flow and dynamic, but it also gives us the ability to have some individual spaces and privacy. It really felt like us and our family. So we put in a conditional offer yesterday. No word yet if it has been accepted. Meanwhile, we had a potential buyer sky us some questions  about our house this morning so… Yeah, fingers crossed.

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