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Ow city

My enthusiasm for getting back to my step aerobics class was admirable but apparently foolhardy. My legs are KILLING ME! So much muscle soreness, it is ridiculous, I’ve been hobbling all day. I really hope the next class doesn’t kill me this much, and realistically I know it won’t. It is shit sore days like this that are painful reminders of my recent inactivity but they also usually proceed a jump in my endurance and feelings of being more fit.


On that note, I have been doing okay with my weight loss as of late. This week I have tracked my food (using my fitness pal) and eaten less because of it. The scale rewarded me with a multiple pound loss (about 6). I also got a fitness tracker, a Jawbone Up Move,  and that has been awesome. I love tracking data like this, from my steps to my weight to my mood to my sleep. Eggy (which is what I call it) has been just the thing to keep me motivated, more active, and tracking my food. Best 30ish dollars I ever spent.


Fucked up today though. Ate some sugar (quite a bit of it) and feel like shit for it. This slip up won’t define me or derail me, but it is frustrating.  I wish I showed more self control and restraint today.



In other news, my amazing generous husband surprised me with pearls for Valentine’s day! Love!!


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