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Sewing my own clothes

My love for pencil skirts may be fairly recent, but it runs deep. I wear them most days because:

  1. they are extremely comfortable
  2. easy to dress up/dress down
  3. minimal effort to put together a snappy outfit

I have quite a few skirts already:

  • black pencil
  • leopard print pencil
  • black and white  houndstooth knit pencil
  • black and gold(ish) fingerprint patterned pencil
  • black skater
  • grey skater

However, what I really wanted was some brightly coloured pencil skirts. I have so many black and white sweaters/tops, a lot of them really don’t work with my patterned skirts. Also, the black pencil is such that when I wear it with black leggings it can be hard to tell I even have a skirt on, which… isn’t a good look.

I looked online and bright coloured pull-on pencil skirts weren’t common, nor were they inexpensive. I also didn’t feel super comfortable buying them sight unseen because an XL/16 may fit me fine in all the ones I have now but who knows what size the ones online would actually fit.

Pencil skirts are just tubes with a bit of shaping at the top, so why the hell can’t I just sew my own? I have done some sewing in the past, I’ve made quilts and whatnot, so how hard can making pencil skirts be? So off I went to Fabricville and got some fabric. There was even a big sale – buy one meter, get two meters free – so I got 4 different fabrics. Total cost? 40$.


Turns out knitting pencil skirts was exactly as simple as I hoped. I hauled out my sewing machine which is actually my mom’s hand me down sewing machine. It is a super fancy Husqvarna machine, but the embroidery doesn’t work anymore. It is still a totally wonderful “normal” sewing machine and perfect for me. Anyway, I used my black pencil skirt as a bit of a template, sewed a tube, hemmed the bottom, hemmed the top, and then put in some darts along the top hem to have it come in at my waist.

Bam! Skirts!


Modesty aside, they frankly look fabulous. I am so happy with them. They are EXACTLY what I wanted, and I was able to make all four in one morning. AND I have quite a bit of fabric left, enough for two more skirts if I wanted. As it stands I spent 40$ and got 4 awesome pencil skirts, averaging to 10$ per skirt. No complaining about that!!


That night I asked my husband to take me out for a date so that I’d have an excuse to wear one of my skirts out. 🙂


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