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A weekend away shall cure me of all real ails me

20160117_114159.jpgHad a cousin weekend with best friend (who is also my cousin) Tiff this weekend. God, it was fun! I am so thankful to be able to have these weekends away with her where we spend the whole weekend playing video games. I love my husband and kid very much but I still really needed this weekend where I could sort of check out from being a grown up and just be ridiculous. It is any years that we have done our cousin weekends and they are almost the only time we get to see each other since we live in different cities.  This weekend we started Yoshi’s Wooly World. Tiff got me it for Christmas specially for our next cousin weekend. The game did not disappoint! Amazing fun! That said, I am exhausted. We stayed up until 2am yesterday trying to beat a bonus world wide have a stupid gopher. Lol


Back home now and happy to be home. I missed my men and I REALLY missed my bed. Lol

Oh, and I also came home with a pair of boots of Tiff’s that she never wears. So gorgeous! The joys of having (roughly) the same size feet as your best friend! 20160117_192351.jpg

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