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More like myself

20160105_075703 I felt more like myself today. Actually did my hair, put on makeup, dressed nicely, wore red lipstick… I even cut my bangs this morning to resurrect my blunt bang look. (yes, I cut my own bangs.) All the normal “me” things I had neglected over Christmas vacation. Felt good to see a less bedraggled version of myself. Perhaps I should feel uncomfortable with the fact that straightened hair and red lipstick and mascara made me feel more like me than just me in my more natural, unadorned, feral state. Blah blah society blah value women based upon their appearance  blah blah sexism. And that I’d all very true, but I also think that I shouldn’t be judged if I personally find wearing red lipstick and having hair done nicely. The whole argument behind all that is that no one should be able to dictate how we should look or dress, and I agree. So I wear red lipstick every day and put time and effort into my hair and makeup. 🙂

Tragedy of the moment, though, is that my God damned scalp psoriasis is flaring up again. I need to dye hair but I really can’t with my scalp the way it is. I am  still really pissed off that I even developed this condition. I am terribly vain about my hair, I have beautiful hair, so to have it be plagued by this is just… Extra insulting or something. Sure, I don’t have  severe case and lots of people have it way worse, but it is still frustrating. Stupid white flakes and the pain and itch and soreness and occasionally tally bad patches that bleed. Stupid psoriasis.


Also, Jonathan has declared me to have bronchitis. I have a rattle in my chest and am still coughing and sloughing off lung gunk. It isn’t a big deal but he’s all “no kisses! You’re sick!” and I’m all “uncool”.

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