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Underwhelming webcam beauty

Working from home today. I have a cold and while I feel mostly okay people at work get REALLY worked up if you go to work with any sign of illness. So fine, I will stay home. Needless to say I put exactly zero effort into my appearance today, and it shows…

Not a good look for me…

Time to make sure the ‘ol laptop webcam is disabled, eh?

In other news, despite being home and surrounded by all the carbs and deliciousness the world has to offer, I managed to stay low carb. No indescretions. Go me.


In other other news, I weighed myself this morning. 258.8. Only TEN DAMNED POUNDS gained over Christmas. Jesus Christ, that is a lot. I knew I felt like I gained a ton, but it is alarming when it turns out you actually did.

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