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How do you knit a sock yarn blanket? One square at a time.

174 blocks!
174 blocks!

Slow going. Sweet mercy, is it ever slow going! And it isn’t for any reason other than I haven’t been spending much time knitting lately (as I said previously), and when I have done some knitting it has been mostly on dinky little filler projects, like my dishcloths or a knitted headband thing I threw together to keep my bangs back when the humidity was making my hair frizz and tickle my face. I have done some work on my sock yarn blanket, though, and I am creeping ever closer to the 200 square mark. Since I’m now thinking it will be about 800 blocks to finish this blanket at the size I want, crossing 200 squares and hitting the 25% done mark will be significant.

[pullquote]Yarn Chicken 
Knitting with a very limited amount of yarn and risking that you won’t be able to finish it before the yarn runs out. [/pullquote]

  • 174 blocks! 26 more and I’ll be at 200!! Whee!
  • I still continue to be way too hung up on yarn randomness, and spend way too much time choosing the yarn for the next block. On one hand I think taking the time to ensure the yarns are well randomized and ensuring I don’t create pockets of similarly coloured blocks is well worth it. But then, on the other hand this is a SOCK YARN BLANKET, not some sort of oeuvre d’art upon which I shall be forever judged against. But then back to the first hand I know that if I DO end up creating too-closely repeating pockets of colour/yarn I will forever see it and it will drive me absolutely bonkers and I will be angry with myself for allowing it to happen while I was making it.
  • I played yarn chicken this week and lost. See that big square at the top of the blanket, going from chocolate brown to pink to a greeny yellow? Yeah, I started knitting that big block from one of my small balls hoping that it would be enough for a big one. About half way through I started getting very worried, my little ball of yarn was dwindling quickly. Sure enough, with only a handful of rows left, the ball was done. I finished the square off with some beige (trying to keep with the earthy tones), and I think it looks alright. I don’t think you’d know it was a different yarn unless I pointed it out.
  • My step son (who out of the blue picked me a super pretty bouquet this evening) continues to be impressed to hell by this blanket. He thinks it looks really “tricky”, and I totally blew his mind when I explained that the stripes and patterns in all of the squares were super easy to do, that the yarn did all the work by changing colours. I showed him one of the balls of yarn and how the colour changed, and then showed him a block I had done in that yarn. He was pretty shocked (for lack of a better description). He did the whole mouth agape scrunch eyed “WTF!” expression and everything. ha ha

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