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Week of Discussion: Day Two – Yarn (one of the main Ravelry forums)

This week I am featuring the best of the Ravelry discussion boards. Each day I highlight a particular group, forum, or topic that I personally find either interesting, informative, inspiring, or just plain cool! Be sure to log in to your Ravelry account to be able to view boards/threads! (It is free to sign up and well worth it if you ask me!)

Day One: Gorgeous Gradients


Day Two: Yarn (One of the main Ravelry forums)

Have a question that is even slightly relating to yarn? This is the place to go! The topics in this forum are so all encompasing, going from “What is the best wool/nylon ration for socks?” to “Does anyone know what this yarn is made of?” to “The colours in my fair isle have bled! Help!”. You can get suggestions for what yarn would work best with a particular project you wish to make, the best ways of handling difficult/hard to work with yarns (mohair, I’m looking at you!), or try to find a few balls of your favourite discontinued yarn!

The only caveat to keep in mind is that this IS one of the main Ravelry boards, and therefore is pretty closely moderated. This means that digressions and wanderings way off topic aren’t kosher, but to me this isn’t a bad thing.

An example of acrylic awesomeness – my birthday sprinkles ski bonnet! And yes, I did post this to that thread. 🙂
  • Best Examples Of Acrylic Awesomeness– It is exactly what you think it is… pages and pages of amazing projects people have made using acrylic yarn! In a hobby that (unfortunately) sometimes suffers from yarn snobbery, this post does a great job of showing that less expensive acrylic yarns can still make amazing things. It is a pretty active thread, and with almost 15,000 posts there is a ton of eye candy to bask in!
  • Blocking – Before and After – Not sure if blocking your finished garment is worth the effort? Think blocking is only necessary for lace? Take a gander at this thread and I’m guessing you’ll soon be convinced that blocking is pretty important and powerful! I have had so many “Holy crap!” reactions to posts in this thread, simply because the difference between an unblocked and blocked project can be so huge! And not just for lacework, either!
  • Non-Dishcloth kitchen cotton masterpieces – Similar to the acrylic thread, this thread will convince you that kitchen cotton is good for a whole lot more than just dishcloths, and (like the acrylic thread) it is a solid reminder that wool isn’t the end all be all fiber.
  • Examples of Pooling – Good and bad! – I had no idea what pooling even WAS before stumbling upon this thread, and sweet mercy, it is a crazy crazy time. This thread is sometimes pretty hilarious, but also really mind-boggling, especially when it comes to people making patterns by INTENTIONALLY pooling.

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