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126 blocks down, about a squillion left to go!

Mission Accomplished (I think). The weekend visit with my in-laws was a great one, really fantastic to see them and get some quality time in with them, AND I was able to get in some knitting. Obviously not as much as I normally do on weekends, but I did make some progress. I did a proper count last night, and I am up to 126 blocks done (102 small ones, and six big ones I’m counting as 4). 126 blocks. That is a lot! How much? Well, lets do some math! (I know, I’m a nerd…)

Approx. 3g of yarn per block x 126 blocks = 378g of fingering weight yarn = roughly 1500 meters of yarn used so far

20 minutes per block x 126 blocks = 2560 minutes = 42 hours of knitting

44 total days since starting (2015-02-23 to 2015-04-08) / 42 hours of knitting = an average of 58 minutes per day spent working on this project


The box of some of the mini-skeins I have rewound into center pull balls. Not pictured is the bucket of additional sock yarns I have rewound, nor can you see the big sack of yarn waiting to be rewound.

I find it interesting seeing these values, though it is rather disturbing on some levels. 42 hours of knitting on just this one project and I’m not even a a quarter of the way finished? Geeze Louise! Still really enjoying the project though. Very easy, fun, almost soothing knit. I have made it a big wider, and that was a pain in the ass to do, but that was pretty minor. The pictures also aren’t doing it justice, it really is quite a thing to behold. A little ugly, yes, but pretty damn cool. I’m not totally happy with the randomness of my block colours – I feel like the top left corner is too dark/orange – but over all it is looking great. Speaking of math, though.. I really should calculate how many blocks I am going to need in order to have it be the size I want.

The other thing I have been working on is making all my many many skeins of sock yarn into center pull balls. Holy crap, what a ton of work that is, but I am DETERMINED. I should have kept track of how much time I have spent doing this because it would be a lot. Frankly, more time lately has been spent balling yarn than knitting! However, I am taking a break from making center pull balls for a while because the motion in making the balls using my nostepinne was starting to make my wrists ache.


Something else occurred to me the other day. I am knitting this project in fingering weight yarn using size 1US needles and is done in garter stitch which sort of accordions on to itself. My Stripes Gone Crazy sweater is done using fingering weight yarn but using size 3US needles AND it is in stockinette stitch which gives you a slightly larger knit for your work.

I am pretty sure that if I had been working on my sweater instead of this blanket I would have been done it by now.

No regrets, though. I will get back to the sweater eventually, but for now I’m going to continue to rock out to my sock yarn blanket.

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