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A toothpick does not belong in a lock! [aka. Yarn balling is cheaper than therapy]

My yarn balling station. Not pictured is the huge additional sack of yarns waiting to be balled. 

I arrived home Friday evening to find that my kid had shoved a toothpick into our front door lock, which then broke off inside. My husband attempted to remove it using a small piece of metal but that just pushed it in deeper, effectively ruining the lock and locking us out of our house. Why they didn’t just go out and get a pair of tweezers to pick the wood out, I’ll never know. Worse yet, had they just waited until I got home I could have gotten it out because I had a pair of tweezers in my purse. To say I was irritated would be a gross understatement. Faced with either breaking a window, a vastly overpriced after-hours visit from a locksmith, or attempting to break the door down, my husband opted for breaking the door down. Scarily it wasn’t that hard to break down, but the damage was significant as you can see in this picture.

This was how my weekend began. Not awesome. Not awesome at all.

While my husband and kid went out to get some supplies to fix the door (new lock set, replacement wood for the door jam, a chisel, etc) I stayed home in part just to guard our now wholly unprotected house but mostly because I found this situation so hugely irritating that I just wanted some quiet alone time to process it all. I was in no mental state for knitting, my agitation and frustration would likely only lead to mistakes in my knitting which would just make me even more frustrated, so instead I put on some jammies, put on some stampylongnose youtube videos, curled up on the couch under a blanket and got to work balling my sock yarns. Earlier in the week I had received a couple of packages from some fellow Ravellers who donated some of their scrap sockyarn to my sockyarn blanket, so I frankly have a huge amount of yarns that needs proper balling.

The fruits of my labours. Lots of pretty little center pull balls of sock yarn!

One package I received has all the yarns done up in mini-skeins, and the other two were mostly balled up and still needed to be converted to center pull balls. On top of the packages I got in the mail, I also want to clean up and properly ball the rest of my sock yarn stash into center pull balls, so truly there is a lot of nostepinning (?) that needs doing.

Balling yarn is an undeniably tedious task. It isn’t thrilling or terribly interesting, but the tediousness and repetitiveness of it works like therapy for me. I find I have to focus on it quite a bit to do it properly and end up with nice, tidy, non-football shaped center pull balls. I am sure lots of people can mindlessly work up center pull balls using a nostepinne, and maybe with practice it’ll become a mindless thing for me too, but right now it requires focus. This is a good thing. The more focus and concentration required, the more distracted from the insanity of my life I get, the better I feel. And having something to show for it (ie. a box of nicely balled yarn) helps too.

It was about two hours before my husband and son arrived back at home, supplies in tow, and by that time the yarn had worked its magic. I was feeling better. The situation is still irritating, but it no longer felt like a disaster and I could even see some positives to the situation. The door is mostly fixed now, and honestly a lot more secure and safe than it had been before all this went down. I also finally got the new non-brass-coloured doorknob I had been wanting for a long time now. I’m also getting pretty good at using my nostepinne which is a skill that will likely serve me well over time.

Yarn therapy. Wool meditation. Zen balls. (Ha!) Call it whatever you want, but I felt better, thanks to the magic of yarn balling.

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