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I don’t know any knitters. This is sad.

No one close to me knits. No one. On one level, okay, I sort of get it. I’m in my 30s and most of my friends are in their 30s and to most people knitting isn’t exactly the coolest hobby there ever existed, but I wouldn’t have thought that there would be NO ONE in my life that knits. The closest I have is my mother-in-law. She is a truly lovely woman (truly!) and she enjoys crocheting, so at least she understands the appeal of yarn arts, but she lives a solid seven hour drive away. Not quite ideal. I have tried to get some of my friends who live closer to take on the hobby but there just isn’t the interest.

I'm all alone, just me and my knitting needles
I’m all alone, just me and my knitting needles.

Due to an utter lack of knitters to talk with I have been forced to talk at my husband about knitting. And yes, I mean talk AT. I would not call any knitting conversations I have with him to be terribly reciprocal. I mostly just jibberjabber on at him about various knitting things until he gets so sick of hearing about it he asks (begs) me to give him a break from knitting talk. He tries hard and he is remarkably tolerant but I think he has hit his limit. Plus, he doesn’t exactly GET it, you know? He looks at my knitting and is able to comment on how something looks good, and he knows how long something took me to finish, but he doesn’t really understand the technique and skills used. This is true for trying to talk about knitting to any non-knitter. It is sort of like talking to a blind person about the colour red, you know?

In an effort to meet other knitters I make a point of always commenting on other people’s knitwear they are wearing. Maybe they made it and then we can talk about it. I also am usually wearing multiple knits of my own (this is especially easy during the cold cold wintertime). I always hope that another knitter will notice and say something.

You know what I think? I think every knitter should wear some sort of outward sign that they are a knitter so that other knitters will be able to recognize them. I’m thinking like the Deathly Hallows necklace that Xenophilius Lovegood wears to reveal himself to other Hallows questers. (If that made no sense, it is a Harry Potter reference. I am obsessed with Harry Potter, second only to knitting.) Something more obvious than just wearing lots of knitted items (since that could also be a sign that you’re friends with an avid knitter who gives you lots of things). I think every knitter should have a matching ring they wear on their hand. Maybe this secret symbol ring could also work as a stitch counter? But really, I want a way to identify other knitters so that we can talk, if only for a few minutes in line at the grocery store. Until then, I am off on my own little knitting island with no one to talk to. No one to show my knitting and have them understand the techniques and skill behind it. No one with whom I can share advice and tricks. No one who will give me an understanding look when I complain about splitty yarn or incorrect stitch count.

It is a tragedy, my life. An absolute tragedy.


6 thoughts on “I don’t know any knitters. This is sad.”

  1. Oh, my – you’re a web developer, knitter and Harry Potter fan? I heart you. (I followed you over here from Ravelry where we kinda sorta put someone in their place when they offered to barter yarn for setting up a WooCommerce site.)

    Our husbands would probably have a great deal to commiserate with, since no one close to me, except the wife of our poultry farmer, knits. Lovely woman, but she lives 45 minutes away and we see her twice a month…better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick, I guess. At any rate, I tend to babble on to my poor spouse ad nauseum, too. Example: we’re sitting across from each other at a local diner eating lunch, when I begin scrutinizing the sweater he’s wearing.

    Him: What are you doing?
    Me: Your cuffs and collar were knitted with K1P1 ribbing…hold up your arms – are those sleeves seamed??
    Him: You’ve gone off the deep end, you know.


    1. On one level I feel a bit of professional outrage that yet again people vastly underestimate how much we do, but mostly I feel bad for that guy. He really had such unrealistic expectations and was/is totally unaware of how off base he was. He really needs to hire someone.

      Our husbands could probably start a “Married to a Knitter” support group! LOL He tries but he definitely has a limit for how much knitting talk he can suffer in a short period. My best example of that happening was a couple months ago. I had spent the whole day jabbering on about some new yarn I found so he was definitely DONE with knitting. Then…
      Husband: [comes in to the living room and sits down after finishing cleaning the kitchen]
      Me: So, I just found a cool pattern for a hat….
      Husband: [stands back up and leaves the room without saying a word]


  2. OH my goodness, I love your post! I’m a knitter who is pretty much alone too. (Like JansSushiBar, I followed you from Ravelry.) Mom knits, but likes her baby patterns from the 1930’s, and is not much into “new knitting.” I even tried to make a knitter, starting with my eldest daughter. She is 11. I think to spite me, she turned to crochet. Grrrr. Oh well, I still have 2 more children! (Said while rubbing my hands together with an evil grin.)
    “I think every knitter should have a matching ring they wear on their hand. Maybe this secret symbol ring could also work as a stitch counter?” I would LOVE this!!! I’ve been wearing knits, but you are right. People wearing knits could be the recipient of a knitter friend. Almost all of the people I’ve talked to were recipients. My favourite trying-to-find-a-knitter “pick-up” line: “oh gosh, that ___ is gorgeous! May I fondle your fibre?” Hmmm. Seeing that in writing does look a little nutty/bold. I think a ring would solve that problem!


    1. I tried to get my son to take up knitting, and amazingly he humored me and did try… for about 4 minutes before declaring it too hard. One positive side effect from my having tried to teach him is that he now thinks I am absolutely magical to be able to knit the way I do. 🙂

      I love your knitter pick up line! Ha ha I usually just comment on their knitwear and then ask if they made it themselves.


  3. I feel your pain. I don’t know any knitters either;O(( Try to talk AT my husband and daughter about knitting. Even drug them to the DFW Fiber Fest a couple of weeks ago! Sad;O((


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