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My Top Projects of 2014

2014 was a great year for knitting for me. That was the year where I first started knitting (has it really only been 10 months?!) and I saw a tremendous amount of growth and progression in my skills. In total I made 25 projects, with 5 of them having been frogged or put on hold. The type of projects I made were really all over the place. This was very much the year of “Just Try It”.

So before we get too far into 2015, here are my project highlights from 2014.

#1 My first successful project (Shawl en Mousse et Vagues)

This was my first properly successful knitting project I ever made. It was also my very first shawl I had ever knitted, and even though the colours are a bit… lets say “bright”, I actually wear this shawl rather a lot. I learned in this shawl that I do not like the look of a lot of garter stitch, this was my first introduction in to any sort of lacework (if feather and fan can be counted as lacework), and really got me hooked on knitting. It really gave me the sense of “Hey, I can do this!”.

#2 My first pair of socks (Fish Lips Kiss Heel)

These socks, while imperfect and all kinds of ugly, were the beginning of a love of knitting socks. The heel in these socks are gappy (to say the least), I have a weird purl ridge along the top of one of the toes, they are far from being the same size, and I STILL haven’t woven in the ends, and yet I love them.


Sonar Shawl#3 Love Hate Shawl (Sonar Shawl)

I have posted about this shawl before. Basically, it was a pain in the ass to make and it took a burst of rage and firey hatred to finally finish it, but I do love the end result. It is a really beautiful shawl, but it made me very very aware that endless rows of stockinette is NOT for me. Ugh.


Warm and Festive! Awww yeah!

#4 My first design (Ho Ho Ho Slipper Socks)

I may not have ever gotten around to knitting its match, but I do really like this design. I put it up for sale with very modest expectations and I actually sold a few, much to my surprise. I’m pretty proud of it, even though I know it is fairly simple and amatureish.


Behold the envy of all gear shift knobs!

#5 Simply but oh so fantastic (Knitted Gear Shift Cosy)

Proof positive that for a knitted project to be awesome it does NOT need to complicated or take a long time to make. This stupid thing took me like an hour to make but I just love it. Sure, some people like to poke fun at me for knitting a gear shift cosy for my car, and sure, some people think I am insane for wanting to incorporate knitting in to every aspect of my life, but man… this thing rules.


#6 Learning to Double Knit (Noah’s Reversible Creeper Hat)

This hat took me way longer to knit that I expected it would, and there are about eleventy million things I would do differently/fix if I could do it again, but in the end my son loves the stupid thing and wears it every single day. He even asked me to make mittens to go with it (which of course I did). Double knitting was a lot more finnicky than I expected it would be, but I’m totally sold on double knitting being an awesome way to do reversible colourwork, as well as a good way to make things like a hat or mitts extra warm.


#7 My most beautiful end result (Mizzle Shawl)


To finish up the list, I wanted to pay homage to my nicest finished item. This shawl, knitted in gorgeous Wolle’s Color Change cotton Yarn, looks undeniably beautiful. I was impressed back when I finished it that I, a new knitter, was able to make something that nice, and I am still impressed today at it. I have a couple balls of Wolle’s in my stash that I am saving. I think that yarn is something special and I refuse to waste it on just any old project.

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