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Swirled Ski Cap (and matching mittens)

The finished set

For Christmas my sisters bought me a couple balls of Lion Brand Amazing yarn. This was the first I had ever heard of this yarn, but I definitely liked the colour gradient nature of it. (I’m such a sucker for colour gradient yarn!) I really wanted to make something with the yarn they gave me and I found the Swirled Ski Cap pattern. Yes, technically is a pattern for a hat for kids, but screw that. It is a super cool pattern so I made it for myself. Plus, it is a free pattern, and I am a sucker for free patterns.

[pullquote]Note to self: don’t knit hats in flesh tones if it gathers at the top because it WILL end up looking like a sphincter.[/pullquote]I have ended up wearing this set a LOT since I made them. I think they look pretty cute without being too young or silly looking.

I will admit that there was a small issue to solve around where the hat was gathered together at the top… it ended up looking a lot like a big pink sphincter. Disturbing, I know…. No one wants a hat that looks like it has a bum hole! I looked in the project notes of other people who made the hat and they said the same (though they described it rather more delicately than “my hat has a bum hole”…) but were able to hide the sphincter with a pompom. I was asked not to put a pompom on this hat so I didn’t have that option. I did find a very lovely solution though which I will describe in a minute.

Overall I really love this pattern and would make it again. It is quite simple and easy to do and the end result is a very cool looking hat. I also love that the hat and mitts together used up almost all of one ball of Lion Brand Amazing yarn. I think that if I were to do it again next time I would pick up stitches at the top of the hat and do proper knitted decreases to avoid the top of my hat looking like a butt-hole. I’m pretty sure if I had use a pompom as the pattern specified it would have hid the gather, but my workaround looks pretty good, so I guess it is no big deal.


My Project Notes:

    • I used 1 skein of Lion Brand Amazing yarn in the Regatta colourway (with only a couple yards to spare! PERFECT!)
Crocheted edge looks tidy and was really fast to do
Crocheted edge looks tidy and was really fast to do
  • I used ~1/3 of a ball of Loops & Threads Soft & Shiny Solids in white
  • I cast on 45 stitches for the main part of the hat. That is more than the pattern specifies but I have a big noggin and I wanted to make sure it fit. That ended up being perfect.
  • I HATE HATE HATE seeing the purl ridge when colours are changed, so I changed up the stripe pattern. I knit 4 in the main colour, then purled 3 in the white followed by 1 knit row in the white.By doing this I kept the colour change purl rows all hidden inside the hat. WIN!
  • The pattern calls for a big ribbed fold over edge to the hat but I thought that would  make this look too heavy. Instead I did a a couple rows of double crochet to edge it. Looks perfect.
  • I suppose I could have used Kitchener Stitch to seam the two sides together, but I’m lazy and frankly didn’t care enough. Instead I just did a crocheted seam. Super fast, super easy, invisible from the outside. What more can you ask for!
  • The pattern calls for a pompom and man do I ever want one but my husband vetoed it, declaring that this was the nicest and classiest hat I have made, saying how great it looks on me as it is, and saying that a pompom would ruin it. He so rarely has any opinion on my knitting, so fine, no pompom, but I was left with a big pink sphincter looking thing at the top of the hat where it was gathered together.
    Swirl Ski cap Crocheted Top
    A lot better than what it looked like before, believe me…

    I refuse to wear a hat that looks like a bum hole so I crocheted a circle around the top to close it off and hide the sphincter. It actually think it looks really good and my husband is happy.

  • The mittens are basically the same thing as the hat, but I made the purled white rows 1 row less so that more of the colour gradient would shine through. I also finished every white stripe with a knitted row to keep the colour change purl row inside the hat. I knit them using an afterthought thumb 8 stitches wide.
  • The hat and mitts look great, even though the colour gradient has resulted in three pieces with very different colours. My only complaint is that the mitts aren’t super warm. The purled white row is far from wind resistant. Good for normal days, but super cold days require different mittens. Honestly I think the problem is that I used cheap acrylic yarn for the white stripes.

1 thought on “Swirled Ski Cap (and matching mittens)”

  1. I don’t know which side is the bottom of this hat – the side where you changed colors with lots of hanging ends, or the other side which is kind of bumpy but would be easier to pick up the stitches. I know you didn’t add the big brim, but can you explain which end is up? Thanks


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