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Gear shift knob cosy! Possibly my favourite project of the year!

20150316_165718Remember THIS post? Well, I wasn’t kidding. After I finished my Zig-a-zig Ahh socks and got them off the needles I started thinking about what to do for my car.

Behold the envy of all gear shift knobs!
Behold the envy of all gear shift knobs!

Last night I just went for it and did up a simple gear shift knob cosy. Super simple, super basic. Just used some scrap yarn (left over from this shawl) and it only took an hour or so.

The end result? MAGICAL! Holy hell, this is fantastic. One, I love how it looks. It pretties up my car tremendously. Two, I love how it feels. I love the feel of knit and having a knit gear shift is such a treat. Three, No freezing hand this morning! My gear shift sucked for either burning my hand in the summertime or freezing my hand in the wintertime. This has made it temperature neutral which is a relief.


The only not awesome part of this project is that it was an absolute beast to get on. I should have used a stretchier cast on because holy mercy it was a fight to get it to slide over. Once I got that part over it was smooth sailing though.


Up next…. head rest covers, maybe? We shall see. 🙂

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