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PATTERN: Zig-a-zig-ahh Socks

Zig-A-Zig Ahh socks!

Sassy zig zag!
Sassy zig zag!

Toe up sock with a sassy zig-zag up the side. Don’t worry about intarsia in the round or stupidly long carries. This design has neither! The zigzag is all self-contained and lovely, I promise. These socks are easily adaptable to different sizes. (As written it fits a ladies size 7-9 US) And hey! You get to use the heel turning technique of your choosing!

Includes diagrams and detailed instructions, as well as charts for the zig-zag. The pattern is written to be toe-up but I am fairly certain the chart and the technique for the zig-zag could be easily adapted to work as a cuff down.

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Difficulty: 3/10

Impress your friends: 6/10

Skills needed: knit, knit front back (kfb), heel turning, carrying yarn

Yarn: Fingering weight, 200-400 yards (~300 of colour A, ~100 of colour B)

Needle: 3US



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